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We all say that the Gospel is our priority in Kid’s Ministry, but how confident are your volunteers when the opportunity comes to present it? One of the best approaches, which can help to avoid confusion, is to train your team to use the same gospel outline with each class. That way, the kids will hear a consistent message year after year.

Grace 4 Teachers is a one-hour class designed to train your teachers how to clearly present the gospel to their children.


  • Teacher’s Notes
  • Student’s Notes
  • Training PowerPoint Slides (pptx, pdf, and jpg formats)
  • Training Sign-In Sheet
  • Certificate of Faith Template
  • Gospel Outline Cards Template



  • PowerPoint Gospel Presentation for Kids
  • Gospel Poster Template (Bad News, Good News Outline)
  • Gospel Bookmark Template (Bad News, Good News Outline)

You’ll receive a lifetime license for your ministry and can use the presentation year after year!

Grace For Teachers

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