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This resource was created to help you encourage and equip kids and families as they prepare for the move into middle school ministry. It helps to create a bridge between your children's ministry and middle school ministry. It is designed to be used at the end of the school year or whenever you transition elementary children into your middle school ministry. It could also be used separately as a parenting seminar for middle school parents.


Your complete package includes the following:

  • Teacher's Guide – complete notes to make your teaching and preparation as painless as possible.
  • Student’s Guide - designed to allow students to follow along and keep as a memento of the class.
  • Parent’s Guide – includes notes for the parents and the discussion questions and answers for them as they lead the small groups.
  • Discussion questions - designed to engage parents in discussion with their students. Much of the lesson is discussion time – which for this age group is more beneficial than up-front teaching
  • Postcard invitations you can edit for your ministry to invite parents to attend this special occasion.
  • A Graduation Certificate Template that can be personalized for each family.
  • Bible Labels to personalize your gift Teen Bible (if you choose this option).
  • Presentation files in both jpeg and pdf format.

Graduation Milestone Packet