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Communion Milestone Class - Complete Package

Learning about Communion is an important milestone in the lives of our children. This class includes everything that you need to be able to teach about this important commandment.


This resource includes...
Communion Milestone Class - This is a one-time class to help you teach children and their parents about the meaning of communion and why it is celebrated.
The Communion Milestone is a class designed for kids and their parents to attend together. It is not designed to be a “drop off” session. 

This is a one-session class designed for kids who are ready to learn and understand the meaning of Communion. This class includes everything that you need to be able to explain its meaning and process.

One of the key times in a child’s life is the first time they take communion. This resource was created to help you encourage and equip children and their parents as they prepare for this special time. 

This class is designed for 4th-5th grade children. If you plan to use it for younger children, you will probably want to modify the content a little.


Your complete package includes: 
•    A Teacher's Guide (includes Discussion Questions) that prepares students for taking communion. It includes topics such as:
    What Is Communion and Why Do We Do It? 
    The Origin and History of Communion
    Communion as a Reminder and a Celebration
    The different ways that Communion is celebrated (Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant)
    Reasons Not to Take Communion
    The Gospel
    Readiness to Take Communion?

•    Parent's Guide containing the Small Group Discussion Questions and Answers.
•    Student's Guide containing a summary of the class notes.
•    PowerPoint Presentation Slides (in pdf and jpg format).
•    Advertising Slides to promote the class.

Communion Class - Complete Package